No Matter What

This was an overnight project for some online contest in 2017 — packaging design for the line of everyday female hygiene — and I entertained myself.

It comes from these senses of fragility, helplessness and shame that the words “female hygiene” evoke. You can pilot a helicopter, get a PhD in space engineering and kill a bear with your bare hands — but then you look into your bag and those fluffy things in pink wraps remind you of your weakness, mortality and dependence from warm showers.

I wondered if these packages could remind of something cool instead, — and what would Jane Bond carry around in her bag.

So the idea was to design the package not for everyday female hygiene, but for a portable self-care toolkit. For something that allows to actually feel more independent from the circumstances and looks proper in a stylish bag. For something that will make you feel awesome even if you’re hiding out in some fisherman village between two missions.