This design was done for a contest set by Verallia and Politecnico di Milano Strategic Design Master course in 2016, and took the second award.

That spring we once shared a bottle of wine with a friend of mine on Portello hill. When we finished, he took the cork and wrote the date on it, and then we put our signatures, making it a memorial. That action impressed me a lot, and become an inspiration for Blanc.

The insight I got was that drinking is much more about the moment that about alcohol, and much more about crazy ideas and memories than about a brand.


So the bottle’s shape is the one that yields most space to write on, to fill it acording to the user’s situation, ideas and intentions. And then I entertained myself by imagining various usage contexts.

scenario good one
Catching inspiration
table 2
Friends’ gathering
rascolniciv window and bottles
Making up your mind
Personalised gifts