[writing] A different kind of party

I was invited as a copywriter in a project called Musica Impossibile. It was aiming to create a different kind of event: a party that is free of the limitations of a social cirlce and trends; a place where people come to discover new music from faraway lands and meet people they never thought they have anything in common.

We were going to have our first event in March 2020 in Milan, and I think you know why we couldn’t. The project was discontinued under the many external ans internal tensions – but I still like those few things I wrote for them.

Below the texts as they were posted on social media and used for ads (in Italian) and their translation in English.

You see, in the beginning there was a word. And the word sounded, sang, throbbing, beating with
wild rythms, reverberating through the empty universe. The word had no language, no voice, no
race, no class, it didn’t even have a meaning – apart from a primary, fierce joy to be alive.

From the drums around primal bonfires to to the electric beats of a metropolis, this rhythm flows
through each and everyone of us. No matter the walls we build, images we create, rules we make
up, goals we set. It’s right there, under your skin, as unreasonable and unstoppable as happiness,
beating through as you dance alone in the kitchen.

And it’s time to respond its call.

This is how we walk out of this – knowing that nothing is for certain; that orders fall and empires
crumble; that the race we are running in can change direction overnight.

This is how we proceed – walking gently on the ground that never stops turning; knowing that the
wind, the sun, and the friend’s shoulder close to yours are not a given, but a luxury.

This is how we advance – getting comfortable being turned upside down; learning what (and who)
is essential to our happiness; finding quiet in the storm, joy in stillness, love and care – for our
closest friends and perfect strangers alike. Wondering – if anything can change, why even bother with the rules?

Because the only thing we can really have is is that beat, that call inside.
And the music.
And each other.