Let me present myself

Liubov Timofeeva – creative strategist and storyteller

I’m a Europe-based freelance strategist with 5 years of experience in branding and communication, a master degree, and a kick for writing. I was born in Russia, studied in Italy, and guided the growth of intertantional brands with the teams of AKQA and Landor & Fitch.

If you are in need of a fresh, creative perspective on the future of your brand, supported by solid research and practical guidelines, I’m your girl.

As an analyst, I’m skilled in combining qualitative and quantitative data on your company, customer, and business context to find out the secret powers that can boost your brand.

As a creative, I operate within the cultural context of three languages, taking inspiration from ancient history, science, and popular culture to help you craft your own, unique storytelling.

What can I do for you

Define a Brand Positioning and storytelling

Build a rebranding strategy

Craft the voice of your brand

Find out what drives your customers

Research the most impactful trends

Design brand-led experiences

Some brands I’ve worked with:

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