Worrit – the world’s first worrysitter

I’ve had this idea for a while, and than I listened to that passage of “4-hour workweek” bwhere Tim Ferris tells about his experiments of outsourcing literally everything, from work to visits to therapist and the worries itself.

There’s a thing about worries: no matter how torturing and even nonsense they are, many people actually wouldn’t willingly give them away. Worrying gives us a sense of control, makes us feeling that we have all the dangers in check by thinking about them constantly, and dismounting this vigilance system would take time and effort.

I wanted to make something simple instead.

So I called my dad, who is a developer and UX specialist, and pitched the idea. Together we made an automatic service that babysits your worries while you are away focusing on the important stuff, and delivers them safe and well-fed back to your inbox afterwards.

As I’m a bit of a privacy freak, and GDPR watches us all anyway, the website doesn’t store ANY of the user data, safe from generic, non-identifying analytics.

I consider it an experimental art project dressed as a service design project, but I think it should become a paid service, you know, to fully convey my artistic idea to the masses.

Try Worrit here.

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